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Joe Moore
Above:  Joe Moore


Joe's family began in this business with greenhouses in Albany, NY, in the late 1800s and relocated with a retail florist and greenhouses in Bennington, Vermont, in the 1920's. Joe learned at an early age an appreciation for the retail end of plant production and understands that retail sales are made one plant at a time. We remember that whether we are shipping you fifty or five thousand plants.

Joe always loved the business and worked in it summers and holidays. After a stint the Army and time studying horticulture in college, he worked as a grower in South Florida before moving to Apopka in 1975 when a grower opportunity presented itself. In 1977 he built a small shade house to stock and acclimate Ficus Benjamina and Arboricola Schefflera for interior landscapers. Soon he began producing 6” pots of those from cuttings and it has grown from there.

This family business has wife, Nancy, keeping the books and son, John as the multi-purpose guy who handles the technology as well as a wide variety of nursery tasks.

In the early 1980s we began brokering in order to provide one-stop shopping for our wholesale customers. We maintain a wide range of long term relationships with growers throughout Florida which allows us to fill orders for most foliage items requested.

Two or three times each week Joe’s brother purchases foliage from South Florida and delivers it to us. This allows us to fill special orders for larger plants within two days. Additional outdoor shaded areas, including cable houses, allow time to acclimate material from South Florida before shipping it on to our customers.

We have a loading dock to accommodate tractor trailers and four other doors to allow multiple trucks, including fifth wheels, to load simultaneously.  We can also recommend delivery services


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