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ONE STOP for all your tropical foliage needs

Twenty acres of greenhouses for stock and production allow us to provide a consistent florist quality product.  Our signature 6" Hong Kong Arboricola and Gold Capella consist of a minimum of six cuttings from our own stock plants.  Cuttings are planted on the same day that they are cut ensuring a very high survival rate.  Lush, full size is maintained through the consistency of our cuttings.  The same process applies to the Ficus Benjamina crops.

Regular production items include Ficus Benjamina, Ali, and Spearmint bush, standards, and braids. We also grow Foxtail Fern, Ponytail Palms, Selloum, Spathiphyllum, Ficus Elastica Burgandy and Ruby, Croton, and Norfolk Island Pines as well as landscape palms such as Sago, Bismarkii, and Pindo.  Check regularly on our blog and Face book page for other crops which we add in limited quantities.

We broker quality Bromeliads, Orchids, as well as an assortment of dish gardens in a variety of sizes and containers. Our long term relationships with growers throughout Florida allow us to fill orders for most foliage items even when our own inventory may be low. Brokered items also include Agaloneama, Dracena, Dieffenbachia, Ivy, Pothos, Nephthytis, on pole and free standing, as well as most 3” and 4” plant material. See our order sheet for a more complete listing.

Seasonally we carry flowering plants such as Gardenia, Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Dipladenia, and Blue Durante, in addition to the Norfolk Island Pines which we grow annually.



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